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Interested In A Career As A Radio Host? Here’s What You Need Know!

Being a radio host can be an interesting career choice. If you have done some initial research, you will know that each host has his/her distinct personality, tone and voice. Just having a distinct voice is just one part of the job; you also need to have the required skills and must meet the requirements of the job, which can be different for each station. Below is a quick overview of the role and how you can find the best radio host jobs.

What does a radio host do?

As mentioned, the role of radio hosts can vary, depending on what they are assigned. They can present varied genres, like music, sports, weather or can be engaged in interviewing guests and moderating talks, announce schedules and information. Additional work is also required for such jobs off-air, so you need to be ready for each program that must be presented on air. Radio hosts can make considerable money, depending on how popular they are. For example, names like Howard Stern make millions for their jobs and programs. As a radio host, you can have different roles, such as sports announcer, radio host, disk jockey, show moderator, and news announcer.  Some hosts just work specifically for one segment, while others have individual shows of their own.

Required skills and related aspects

A radio host is expected to have complete knowledge of relevant terminology and how stations are managed and operated. They must also have knowledge of working on assignments across diverse bands. It also goes without saying that radio hosts need to be good with strangers and should be able to strike conversations with anyone and everyone. Quick response, quirky humor and a creative bend of mind are some of the critical traits that hosts need to have. If you are in this field, you should know that you would meet a lot of people who aren’t polite or honest, so you must have the mind to respond aptly and adequately.

Learning the act

While radio hosts traditionally worked as interns before getting into the role, now you can find courses that train you to become a host. Keep in mind that 4-year courses are expensive, but getting the initial education does broaden the horizons considerably, because you will learn everything related to radio broadcasting, including production, voice techniques and more. If you want to opt for hands-on training, check for websites where radio host jobs are posted. Keeping a check on the changing trends, how other hosts function and the nature of shows being broadcasted also comes in handy. Follow some of the best hosts to know what makes them special and popular among the masses.

If you are really interested in taking up the role of a radio host, don’t shy away from taking jobs as interns, which is the best way to get trained. Also, most of the new internship roles are paid, so you will make decent enough to sustain yourself. Check online and find a few options!

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