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The Power Of Direct Mail: Find Out How Universities Can Encourage More Students

Universities need to think of more than one option when it comes to creating a marketing campaign for appealing to students. The new generation is hooked to the internet, so it isn’t surprising that many universities are relying on online ads and email marketing for encouraging students to respond. A perfect marketing campaign, however, should also include direct mail services. Here’s a quick take on what direct mail can offer.

Mailings are more relevant when it comes to clearing. Clearing nearly accounts for 20% of students, and it is necessary for universities to fill up the vacant spots effectively by marketing various courses. Experts agree that direct mail services from a known company can boost numbers.

How effective is direct mail for Generation Z?

Generation Z is the online generation that’s used to getting information in a single click. However, in a world where around 269 billion emails are sent each day, a considerable part of it remains unread. Online ads and sponsored post are overdone too. Direct mail brings in the balance and personal touch that education marketing needs. Also, the gen Z isn’t as online as people believe. MNI reports pointed out that around 61% of respondents believed that people of this generation would do better by unplugging more. More than 80% relied on print and newspapers for information. This clearly states that hiring a mailing service might just make sense.

Plan your marketing aspects

You need to know the requirements and what is expected of the marketing campaign before starting out. For that, previous clearing campaigns can serve as points of reference. The right use of direct mail can help in highlighting the right courses and offerings, so that students find a reason to respond. Also, set a budget for it, so that the mailing house knows the limitations.

Create marketing brochures

Education marketing was all about marketing brochures at some point, and it is still relevant. Keep in mind that you are encouraging students to take up a seat, but it’s about their careers, and therefore, establishing trust is important. With personalised direct mailing, you make the brochures tangible, and students can even keep their copy to contact later. Many direct mail companies work with universities to create unique marketing brochures, keeping printing needs and other aspects in check.

You may also want to consider dimensional mail, which has a far better response rate than standard mails. The cost can be a challenge, but if done effectively, the returns would justify the extra you have spent on postage and design.

Reviewing benefits of direct mail marketing

Firstly, direct mail marketing boosts the profile of the university and helps the brand. It is a personalized form of marketing, which when used effectively can help encouraging students to respond. Secondly, the response rate is way better, and it creates a personal connection for students, who often want to know what campus lifestyle will feel like. Unlike emails, direct mail cannot be completely ignored, so there’s always a chance of getting seen.

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