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Why You Don’t Need to Wait for School to End to Get Into IT

For many teenagers coming to the end of their first batch of formal education, the talk will immediately turn to career options. Unfortunately, with a lack of time and funding available in many educational establishments, detailed advice is very rarely given to such young minds.

Worryingly, a vast number of students are still being encouraged and gently swayed to look at those all too often typical career routes, rather than actually being asked what it is they want to do. More to the point, they’re rarely asked what they can do right now.

What some career advisors fail to realize is that now, heavily immersed in the digital age, we have in front of us a generation who are already tech-savvy and highly proficient at accessing and using an enormous number of apps, programs, computer types, and social media platforms. Basically, they’re digital ready! Yet when it comes to career discussions, this ability is rarely considered.

We Need to Start Celebrating Students Current IT Expertise

The problem remains that we still shroud the younger generation and their technology dependence with stigma. By continually joking about their reliance on the phones in their hands or regularly calling them out for their selfies and social media entries, we condescend them, and therefore it’s little wonder careers advisors won’t value their current IT exposure.

However, as Harnham US quite rightly suggest, by doing this we could be disparaging some of the next generations greatest data analysts in our midst. Therefore, we need to quickly learn to change the perceptions many people still have about our younger people and their association with anything technology related and work towards improving how we deal with IT career choices.

Reach Out to Local Schools for Your Next Recruits

Quite simply, if the students aren’t going to contact the IT world, the IT world needs to go to them instead! Many companies are easily located in the vicinity of schools, colleges, universities and other types of educational establishments.

Therefore, by making their presence known to the attending students and showing them that they are the companies looking to hire students such as themselves, those with such advanced technology skills will be exposed to the many possibilities of taking this career option further.

This is an excellent opportunity for local businesses who are always on the lookout for high quality IT knowledgeable staff to start making their presence known. Speak to your local school and ask about the possibilities of offering talks and discussions to those students who will be receiving career advice that year.

Use this time to engage with them and show them what you’re looking for while asking them to show you their skills. You could also leave them with further food for thought by offering a project they could complete for you, perhaps making it into a competition to win some hi-tech gear. Furthermore, you could investigate the possibilities of offering an internship or a couple of work placements to those students who show real potential in this area.

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